Void Watches has simplicity at the core of their design philosophy using geometric shapes, basic colours and simple materials to measure time. Starting out as design company it turned into a watch brand – founded in 2008 by mechanical engineer and designer David Ericsson who launched the brand with a set of iconic square digital watches known as the V01.

In astronomy, voids are the empty spaces between filaments, the largest structures in the Universe, that contain few, or no, galaxies. Voids typically have a diameter of 40 to 500 million light years, so large that we can't even begin to grasp their vastness. In this they are similar to the concept of time, something that is always present but not to be seen or touched, only to be measured.

Void Watches V01 MKII

Void work with geometric shapes, basic colours and simple materials to measure time. Every now and then we receive the opportunity to design other products as well. Simplicity is at the core of their design philosophy, a philosophy strongly rooted in their Swedish heritage. Preferring simple shapes and using materials that are best suited for a particular purpose every element of the design and construction is thought out.

David Ericsson – Void Watches founder and designer

Now 15 years after its inception, Void takes in Swedish heritage and design principles and uses it to inform their wider range of wrist watches but keeping the idea of simplicity at heart. They have a range of simple yet elegant analogue designs alongside their digital timepieces. I'm personally a fan of the analogue styles – I even have analogue watch face on my Garmin.


Void Watches PKG01-SI/BL/WH Classic Date Watch

For the PFG01 Void toke cues from classic design principles to create an understated silhouette, resulting in a slim 7mm case balanced by an acutely tapered crown. The watch features core branding elements including a red accented dot on the second hand and modest logo on the outer rim of the face, crown and buckle.

PKG01-SI/BL/WH Classic Date Watch


Void Watches V03D-BR/BL/WH Analogue Date Watch

The V03D is simple and industrious watch, featuring three hands and a date window. The watch strikes the perfect balance between form and function and has been made as a unisex watch. You can chop and change the strap, choosing between a classic leather strap or a Milanese chain for give the watch a different feel.

V03D-BR/BL/WH Analogue Date Watch