Stiksen is a Swedish brand that believes caps are as essential to your wardrobe as any other garment. They produce premium baseball caps, making the baseball cap take centre stage anywhere, anytime. They want to ensure customers to feel comfortable wearing a high quality, sustainable cap in any manner of scenario or setting –whether that be to dinner parties, at the office or pub, or on an afternoon stroll in the countryside.

Style 105 Dad Cap

The 105 Cap is classed as a Dad cap. It's an unstructured 6-panel mid profile baseball cap, meaning that all panels are soft and shape tight after one's forehead. The tilted front panels offer a relaxed look. Available in three sizes with adjustable strap for fine tuning.

Style 107 Baseball Cap

The 107 Baseball Cap has a structured 6-panel construction, with stiffer front panels, giving the cap its own shaped silhouette in a classic baseball cap style with a slighter high profile.

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105 & 107 Ventile Waterproof Cap

Stiksen 105 Ventile Cap in Black

The Stiksen Ventile Caps are made with waterproof Ventile cotton which has a rich history being used in military and aviation outerwear. Now available in stylish caps to offer waterproof protection when the weather turns.

Stiksen 105 Ventile Cap

Style 109 Flat Brim Cap

Stiksen 109 Flat Brim Cap in Canvas Ivy

The 109 Cap is a mid profile style featuring an unstructured, 6-panel crown and a flat, rounded brim, giving the cap a laid-back aesthetic

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The name Stiksen originates from co-founder Asim’s childhood when he was regularly asked by one of his teachers to take his cap off in the classroom. At the end of each class, the same teacher would jokingly say in Swedish ”Ta på dig kepsen och stick sen” [Stiksen], which roughly translates to, “Put your cap on and then get out of here”. A funny anecdote, but also a story that brings up the question of what is considered acceptable in our society and why. Stiksen strive to contribute to a more inclusive world by removing barriers between cultures. One of the ways they do this is by elevating the cap and making it a suitable garment for every situation.