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The Nomadic gentleman

The Nomadic Gentleman is a blog created by Chris Chasseaud, an art director turned brand manager who has been working with the fashion industry for the past two years. Chris graduated with a BA Hns in Design from Goldsmiths College, and travelled for a few years, while living for periods in Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. Returning to London, he continuing with a mixture of  graphic design and art direction and then became a contributing fashion writer in 2012. He rapidly found himself in the midst of the menswear fashion industry.

Writing for a number of magazines and blogs he became Fashion Editor at respected lifestyle and grooming site Ape to Gentleman. Building on his skills and knowledge of branding he helped launch menswear label DENT de MAN, taking him to Milan, London and Paris on the menswear circuit and gaining access to buyers and industry insiders while experiencing the heart of the fashion industry on many levels. Chris currently works as UK Brand Manager for waterproof specialists Norwegian Rain.

Having a modern-day nomadic tendency of travelling and living abroad for periods, Chris enjoys discovering new places, meeting new people while also learning and embracing local culture. Being interested in menswear and style since a young age his development into a menswear specialist is down to humble willingness to learn. This blog is an extension of his experiences and discoveries – wanting to share them in an honest and direct way.

Menswear has become such an exciting place the past few years and is growing and growing in strength. With the rise of the digital age, men are becoming more aware what is available to them – which is a plethora of high quality products. We love to discover things that have a great story, as well as the making behind it as well and the fabrics used.

Chris aims to make this site a place of reference for men (and women) who have the same desire and curiosity to find out about things in different ways – personal ways where you can relate and respect the opinion. Join him as he roams and unearths gems from around the world and shares brands and products that should be noted and taken seriously.

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