L'Estrange focus on classic silhouettes that transcend seasonal trends that help you build a wardrobe made for life. They are committed to decluttering wardrobes and reinventing the foundational garments in menswear. Below are a selection of those foundational garments, which, L'Estrange ensure are produced in a sustainable way.

Tom and Will of L'Estrange

An evolution beyond the possession-focused ethos of minimalism, essentialism is a philosophy focused on what truly brings us joy. It is a decluttering of both physical and mental worlds, allowing what matters to shine through. It empowers us to say no to consuming more. Embodied by our call to action, ‘With Less, Do More’, essentialism is what drives our pursuit of degrowth of the fashion industry. L'Estrange was born from a desire to design the very best version of a garment.

The modular wardrobe is our collection of essential pieces, each one rigorously conceived to maximise versatility and longevity. These essentials are designed to move seamlessly between any setting and any season. As perfect on a Monday as a Sunday, the modular wardrobe means you can pack lighter for your weekend trips. It means you can cycle to work and head straight into your 9am meeting. Never overdressed, never underdressed – it offers understated style for any occasion.The building block of the modular wardrobe is the 24 Trouser. The 24s embody what L'Estrange strive to represent, and their bestseller for that reason.

The Modular Vest

Wearable as both a standalone piece and as a warm inner insulator, our water-repellent quilted vest is filled with thermoregulating microfibre recycled polyester.

L'Estrange Modular Vest

The 24 Blazer

The 24 Blazer is a simplified deconstructed jacket with patch pockets, that is available in Merino, Tropical Wool, Cotton, and Linen. Created to be a relaxed jacket option, but still relaxed and offering comfortable everyday wear. The 24 Blazer is complimented by the 24 Trouser and can be worn as a relaxed suiting option, or worn as separates.

Discover L'Estrange 24 Blazer

The Hydrowool Bomber

L'Estrange Hydrowool Bomber Jacket

An outerwear essential made from premium merino wool. With a water and wind-proof fabric membrane, fully lined sleeves with unbeatable comfort, the breathable Hydrowool Bomber takes a nod to the familiar suit jacket, with added performance for maximum wearability. Avaialble in Navy and Black.

L'Estrange Hydrowool Bomber Jacket


L'Estrange shirting options include the All Day Shirt and Easy Shirt available in both Oxford button-down collar and collarless options, as well as a Cuban Collar Shirt. The Everyday Shirt is aimed at offering comfort while wearing, striking up a balance of smart and comfortable.

L'Estrange Shirting


L'Estrange Heavyweight Tee

L'Estrange have a refined T-Shirt Collection compromising of the Classic Tee, Heavyweight T-shirt, Long Sleeve Tee, Tencel Tee and Kapok Tee. I'm pretty partial to a heavyweight tee and used to frequently wear the classic Hanes Beefy T – L'Estrange's offering is a welcome update to that and can be worn pretty much all-year round.

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