I select the best t-shirts in the world right now. Choosing which one though is going to be tough. Ranging from your classic workhorse t-shirts to collared sea island options for an elevated look. There are also knitted t-shirts as well as your more commonly found cotton jersey t-shirts, plus linen and merino options. The t-shirt has never been more exciting a piece of clothing.

John Smedley Isis Sea Island Cotton Polo Shirt

One of my favourite t-shirts of all time – the Isis Sea Island Cotton Polo Shirt by John Smedley comes in all manner of colours to suits everyones wardrobe and pallete. This is the sort of t-shirt you can get in Navy and Charcoal to wear as everyday pieces, then push the boat out with brighter colours for when you're on holiday. I have a couple of these and love wearing throughout the summer.

Get your hands on a John Smedley Isis Sea Island Cotton Polo Shirt

Artknit Linen Cotton Vintage T-Shirt

This Linen/Cotton blend t-shirt from Artknit has a relaxed body for a louche style and features a large rib knit texture giving it a 'vintage' feel about it. It's a timeless look that won't put a foot wrong.

Artknit Linen Cotton Vintage T-Shirt

CDLP Midweight T-Shirt

CDLP Midweight T-Shirt
CDLP Heavyweight T-Shirt

Regular readers might know I'm a big fan or CDLP's t-shirts (especially their Long Sleeve option), but here are two just because I think they're great. A heavier weight option for cooler climates, while the midweight can be worn as a layering option or a standalone item when it's warm.

Get the CDLP Midweight T-Shirt

Get the CDLP Heavyweight T-Shirt

Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt

Some people might highlight that I should go with Sunspel's Classic T-Shirt, but I prefer the neckline on the Riviera T-Shirt and its midweight cotton is more versatile in my opinion. Originally created for Daniel Craig's James Bond, this t-shirt is great for transitional seasons.

Get the Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt

The Resort Co Knitted T-Shirt

A knitted t-shirt is a smarter option and can be born with tailoring. Worn on its own, it goes very well with flannel trousers or vintage army trousers paired with loafers or crisp tennis shoes.

Get The Resort Co Knitted T-Shirt

L'Estrange Longsleve T-Shirt

L'Estrange's Classic Tee has been updated into a long sleeve version and it's every bit as good as their original version. Offering an elegant silhouette with split sides at the hem for comfort which seem to work better on the long sleeve better than the short sleeve.

The L'Estrange Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Luca Faloni Linen Jersey T-Shirt

Linen jersey offers great breathable option for when it get really hot. This t-shirt has a rounded bottom hem, giving it something different and akin to a shirt finish. It has a slim fit but will look smart when worn on it's own or when layering with shirting or summer knitwear.

Get a Luca Faloni Linen Jersey T-Shirt

ISTO Heavywieght T-Shirt

Sometimes you need a good heavyweight t-shirt that does the job. This heavyweight t-shirt option by ISTO is bang on the money, made in a luxurious 270g/sqm organic cotton giving you a 'basic' or 'essential' with extreme quality.

ISTO Heavywieght T-Shirt available in black and white

Neem London ZQ Merino Wool Jersey T-Shirt

The Neem London ZQ Merino T-Shirt is a versatile T-shirt made from a breathable 100% ZQ Merino wool jersey which boasts exceptional moisture control and odour-resistant properties, allowing you to wear it for extended periods without frequent washing. A perfect combination for the heat of summer, while it can also act as a base layer in winter.

Neem London ZQ Merino T-Shirt