Kit Blake Trousers produce the finest RTW trousers on the market, using premium British and Italian fabrics and made in their Italian atelier. Taking inspiration from Savile Row tailoring, Kit Blake create elegant trousers of varying styles that feature pleats, higher-waists, wider legs and their signature side-adjusters. Primarily focused on winter cloths like wool and cashmere flannels and cotton moleskin, Kit Blake's trousers are perfect for business and business/casual, while I've actually seen a few friends wear their Kit Blake trousers with a denim jacket or even a leather jacket.

All their trousers are unfinished so you can take it to your tailor to get altered to your specifications. I personally wear mine with a 2" turn-up, which I think suits the styling of the trouser.

Kit Blake Trouser Styles

Kit Blake have four trouser styles, Aleks, Grant, (New) Caine, and Duke, and are available in a variety of fabrics. Linen is reserved to the Grant trouser, but they might release some new options this Spring/Summer. I'm curious to see if they might dabble in corduroy in the future.

Aleks is their original trouser style – it's a inward-facing deep double-pleated trouser cut to sit higher on the waist. It had a generous leg, in a classic fit. They say that this is the trouser to go for if you're looking for a traditional trouser.

Grant is based on their Aleks style, having a similarly generous fit, with a high-rise but having four inward-facing deep pleats. It also has a slightly more pronounced taper from the knee down.

The New Caine is based on an older model and features a flat-front. They sit lower on the waist than their pleated trousers, but still sit above the hips. It is a leaner trouser, with a slim leg.

Duke is Kit Blake's single-pleated model that was introduced due to customer demand. Duke is ideal for conservative business environments or first time pleat wearers as it features a moderate single outward-facing pleat, meaning there's slightly less volume in the front of the trouser compared to the Aleks and Gant.