Introducing the Rise Coffee Box – the latest coffee subscription service to get posted through our letterbox. A bright and bold coffee box carefully curated by coffee lovers, sharing coffee from independent roasters from around the country.

The rise of subscription services has grown over the years – even more so since last year with the effect the pandemic had on our lives - has allowed us to expand our tasting profiles but giving us the chance to also support independent roasters. Rise Coffee Box is just one of those subscription services, launched by Ben and Alice, who say that far from being coffee snobs or connoisseurs they are coffee lovers who love trying new things.

I’ve been using a coffee subscription service for over 5 years now, enjoying the fact that I can get quality coffee while in the knowledge of support small hold farmers who are getting paid directly. Rise Coffee Box allows you to sample more than just one type of coffee, with Ben and Alice sampling a range of coffees from around the country and putting their favourites into the subscription box. They have done the hard work for you and sourced incredibly good coffee from independent roasters, with the journey of discovering more great coffee together with them the exciting aspect growing their Rise Coffee Box community.

I love my coffee! I enjoy taking time researching coffee as well as taking time making it. I hand grind my coffee beans with a burr grinder and use a swan neck kettle to pour into a Hario V60. Some may call that a bit too much but it’s my level of passion. I don’t go as far as weighing the coffee beforehand but using good quality coffee makes a real difference. I’ve found out what kind of roasts I like and don’t like. But I still crave new tastes and new experiences. The Rise Coffee Box certainly gives that opportunity to try new things.

I had the Monthly Coffee Box subscription which includes two speciality coffees where you can choose whether to grind to a certain presence or leave whole bean. Sometimes you want that extra-fine grind for your espresso machine. All the coffees are best used within three months, so you have enough time to drink them, or a good excuse to invite people round if you end up with some excess. A nice added touch is the recipe cards that give you a suggestion . Each box also comes with a little treat from some of Rise Coffee Box’s partners as well as the opportunity to participate in virtual “meet the roaster” events for monthly subscribers.