The London Sock Company has become the de facto sock gift box and sock subscription service and this is the reason why. For the sartorially inclined, having a bright coloured sock brings a point of pleasure to your outfit – whether thats complimenting your outfit, or adding a contrast colour to stand out.

The London Sock Co have been Walking Brighter Since 2013 and just like Johnnie Walker who keeps on walking, who might as well be wearing a pair of London Sock Co socks under his boots, LSC bring a pep to your step with bright colours and designs. You can get dress socks, boot socks, sports socks, trainer and invisible socks and they even do underwear now.

Photo: Charlie Sawyer

Shop the London Sock Company by Colour or Style preference, as well as length, if that's more important to you. You can choose between calf, bellow-calf, knee length and ankle length (as well as no-show for that Mediterranean look). Call me traditional, but I quite like the no-nonsense of the Navy Simply Sartorial plain socks. I used to regularly wear coloured variations with houndstooth and argyle designs etc, but I now reserve those to special occasions.

Dress Socks

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Their Sock Club has been a staple of London Sock Company where you're able to get a fresh pair of socks on a regular basis – you choose how many and what style. Or, if you're feeling lucky, you let them choose for you.

Get a subscription for yourself or gift one to someone who'd appreciate putting on fresh socks on a regular basis.

Wedding Socks

The selection of socks worthy of accompanying your special day are vast – you can also get for your groomsmen as well to ensure full matching ensemble. The range of "wedding socks" offer anything from a Spring or Summer wedding, even to a winter wedding (making sure no-one gets cold feet). Ultimately, get something that matches or compliments your outfit. This is where you steer clear of clashing colours!

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Sports Socks


You can also get some comfortable boxers in silky smooth Lyocell. Available as stand alone boxers, sets, or combo sets. Not as many colours (yet) as their socks, but who knows.

London Sock Co Underwear