Male pattern boldness is the most referenced and written about grooming concern* – with many products on the market aimed at providing men with a solution. “There are many long term and short term solutions,” claims expert male barber Ky Wilson, “but you can do a lot with simple styling products and techniques.” 

Redken Brews Thickening Pomade instantly makes hair look fuller. It is great for fine and thinning hair that needs a bit of a boost. It works by instantly densifying individual hair strands, providing the appearance of thicker looking hair and perfect for the 23 per cent of men that use styling products to disguise thinning and fine hair. 

Redken Brews includes: 

- 5 hair cleansers for everyday use 

- 9 styling solutions for everyday use including a hairspray 

- 3 skincare solutions including a beard oil and shave cream