My March wish list contains a lot of fashion pieces as we gear up toward Spring with a long awaited refreshing of the wardrobe. Lifestyle dictates taste and interests and my recent focus on running has made me want to wear similar as everyday wear rather than just sporting attire.

CDLP Midweight Long Sleeved T-Shirt

I've been leaning towards longer sleeved t-shirts in my running and I think I want the same now in my everyday clothes. Great for wearing in transitional weather and paired with washed denim (or even shorts when it finally gets warmer). Made with CDLP's unique 220 gsm Tencel™ Lyocell and pima cotton blend for an understated luxury feel.

Get the CDLP Midweight Long Sleeved T-Shirt here

The Resort Co Pique Popover Shirt

This is a lovely popover shirt that can be worn on the weekends and gear yourself up toward your vacation. Relaxed fit with a cutaway collar that can be worn with swimwear after you've splashed your toes in the water, or chinos and denim if you're still in the city. This is going to be one of the first things I pack for my holidays.

Get the Pique Popover Shirt from The Resort Co

Bryceland's Army Chinos

I've been an admirer of Bryceland's for several years, and when they opened a store on Chiltern Street in London it gave me the opportunity to see their clothes first hand. Their Army Chinos is based on the iconic 1945 US Army chino, cut high without a separate waistband, and features a full hip and gentle taper. A timeless classic that is a great update to my old Ralph Lauren chinos that are looking a little worn down.

Get Bryceland's Army Chinos here

Epperson Mountaineering Packable Large Climb Tote

This spacious lightweight tote provides 19 litre carrying capacity and can easily be stowed away. Made in lightweight nylon ripstop fabric that is durable and tear resistant it has drawstring closures, with a heavy duty zipper, and climbing-spec ‘daisy chain’ webbing along the face of the bag increases utility. I can see myself using this in plenty of occasions as a main bag, or packed away when travelling and then brought out for use when needed.

Get the Epperson Mountaineering Packable Large Climb Tote at Clutch Cafe

Luca Faloni Cashmere Polo Sweater

This Luca Faloni two-ply cashmere polo sweater is perfect for the transition between seasons. This is going to be needed when it's still cold through most of Spring, even though I'm harking for warmer days. Plush comfort and style. However, I'm getting this a size larger than my usual size for a bit more of a louche look.

Luca Faloni Cashmere Polo Sweater

Steele & Borough Briefcase

It's always worth having a solid bag to carry your laptop and Spring layering options. The Steele & Borough Briefcase offers just that, with added style and eco credentials to boot.

Steele & Borough Briefcase

Groovin High 50's Zebra Corduroy Shirt

Groovin High 50's Zebra Corduroy Shirt

This awesome zebra affect shirt is modelled on the original 50's Penney's Towncraft shirts. Made in Japan from a printed corduroy fabric, the shirt has an open collar and two flap chest pockets. This is going to be a Spring statement shirt to say you're ready summer.

Get Groovin High 50's Zebra Corduroy Shirt Yellow at Clutch Cafe

Void Watches V03P-BR/OL/WH

A clean watch to go with new Spring vibes. I'd probably get a nato strap for a more relaxed feel but I'm liking the simple design on the watch face for no-nonsense timepiece.

Void Watches V03

Corridor Marled Green Cardigan

This Corridor cardigan is a cosy chunky knit cardigan with a loose oversized knit to give a bit of breathability alongside the organic cotton yarn.

Corridor Marled Green Cardigan

Stiksen 105 Ventil Cap

This Stiksen 105 Ventile Cap is made with an organic cotton Ventile fabric that has waterproof qualities, providing excellent protection against theunpredictable Spring weather. I'm a fan of wearing a cap, and this clean design will easily fit into my rotation.

Get the Stiksen 105 Ventile Cap here

Crown Northampton Off-White Harlestone Sneakers

I'm loving the all off-white version – reminiscent to an old pair of Stan Smiths I used to have a couple of decades ago. I'm feeling ready for tennis sneakers for the Spring wardrobe.

Crown Northampton Off-White Harlestone Sneakers

L'Estrange Socks

What do you need to go with some nice new sneakers? Fresh socks of course. These L'Estrange socks are clean and subtle ribbing to give a refined sporty look. Available in black, but I'm going with the crisp white ones.

Get L'Estrange Socks here

Dark Arts Coffee

I've heard really positive things about Dark Arts Coffee so naturally I'l going to have to get some. I'm currently enjoying lighter coffees anyway so bring on the artisan coffee! Although I'll probably get a mix of filter and espresso options as I'm keen to get back on the Espresso Tonics.