Contemporary leather specialists Carl Friedrik introduce luxurious leather desk accessories to enhance your home office including a Desk Mat, Mouse Pad and Valet Tray. Continuing with their use of exquisitely high quality leather, Carl Friedrik brings their aesthetic to your desktop. Made with hand stitched vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather, burnished and brushed to ensure long-lasting durability. On top of that, the come with a lifetime warranty.

You can pre-order the items from their website now.

The Desk Mat

A nice long panel of leather to sit on your desk, which can be used for either working with your keyboard and mouse, or a backdrop for writing in your planner.
The leather will only get nicer over time, building a patina over the years, showing the predominant areas of use. You'd probably get a nicer affect on the cognac and maybe chocolate leather variants. I personally love that sort of thing.
Desk Mat - £145

The Mouse Pad

I used to love using a good mouse pad when I did my graphic design work on my iMac. Nowadays I just use a laptop, but the feeling when using a quality mouse pad is second to none. I remember growing up using horrible variations, so this piece of leather gives a refined touch when directing your cursor.
Mouse Pad - £59

The Valet Tray

I'm a stickler for desk tidies or somewhere to keep my belongings. I currently have a ceramic dish, but I'd easily replace it with this.
Valet Tray - £89

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