Percival x Umbro continue their collaboration creating replica tops and fashion pieces celebrating mediocre footy skills. Featuring a mix of replica shirts and vintage inspired training gear alongside some stylish pieces for the terraces - this collection celebrates mediocre footy skills. We might not have all the skills of Trent Alexander-Arnold or Kevin de Bruyne but we sure as hell know how to have fun on a kick about on the rec.

percival x umbro cream sweater
Percival x Umbro Flocked Sweatshirt
Percival x Umbro Flocked Sweatshirt

Bringing back memories from my Junior and High-School days, this Percival x Umbro collection offers a balanced mix of nostalgia and contemporary styling – whether you're wearing to play football with your mates or getting for a more serious Sunday League match. I remember having an Umbro jersey and a backpack (that I used everyday throughout Junior School). I think I also had a pair of boots similar to what Alan Shearer wore – which I switched between my Puma Kings and Kaiser Fives.

A lot of the Percival x Umbro collection takes cues from vintage Umbro football kits with 90s oversized fits seem to be embraced nowadays despite some kit manufacturers making slim fitting game day shirts. I say bring back the baggy shorts and oversized football shirts.

percival x umbro retro football shirt
Percival x Umbro Retro Replica Shirt

Percival x Umbro Training T-Shirt

This is a limited edition collection so grab your hands on a piece before they sell out.