Neem London have gone about setting it straight regarding sustainable clothing in menswear and unashamedly fly the flag for climate conscious clothing. Their range of shirts, t-shirts and overshirts are made from a selection of recycled flannel, regenerative cotton and ethically sourced Merino wool. With bigger brands trying to play catchup to consumer demand for ethical clothing, Neem London are done about from the outset.

They focus on zero waste design, using 3D technology to help them design without creating waste in sampling and saving time. On each product page you can see the impact of buying the item, such as the amount of drinking water saved, hours of lightbulb energy saved and the amount of driving emissions avoided. If an item isn't available you can back order it with a discount, allowing for more sustainable manufacturing and production of garments.

Neem Overshirts

It looks like Neem have a number of variations of thier overshirts – depending on your style and preference. Each come in a variety of wool flannel, cotton flannel, cottoon poplin and Merino. I'm a fan of pockets, so I would always go with something with as many pockets as possible.

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Neem T-Shirts

You can get Neem's t-shirts in 100% organic cotton or merino wool.

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Neem Merino Wool Polo Shirts

Neem London's long sleeved polo shirt is crafted from ZQ merino wool yarn, resulting in a soft and comfortable garment designed for those who prioritise sustainability and traceability. Merino wool is perfect for managing moisture and resisting odors, making it a great choice wearing as base layer on its own or under a jacket. I'm a fan of Merino as it's wearable in all seasons.

ZQ Merino Wool polo shirts

Wearwell UK Take-Back Bag

Neem have a recycling scheme where you can send in some old clobber and get £30 coupon toward an order over £100. Purchase one of their Well Wear bags and you can send them up to 2kg of clothes in the prepaid returns bag. Only clothing containing 100% Cotton and 100% wool respectively will  be accepted –so if you have any stretch in clothing, you might want to start thinking seriously about future purchases. This helps keep clothing out of landfill and makes some new clothes in the process.

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