Malloch's timeless Shetland knitwear range is made in Scotland and takes years of heritage knitwear making experience and brings those shapes and colours into a contemporary setting. Brushed Shetland jumpers, known as Shaggy Dog sweaters that became popular in Ivy League style come in an array of classic colours as well as a few bright options to mix things up.


The Kelso brushed Shetland jumpers are fed through a vintage machine that brushes the wool with heather giving it extra depth and texture to garment. It also acts as layer of protective air created by the brushed fibres.


The Wreay was Malloch's first piece of Shetland knitwear – a fully-fashioned jumper made in Hawick, Scotland.


The Kenmore is a chunky Shetland sweater we didn't know we needed in our life until we saw it. Featuring a slightly higher neck line, it ticks all the boxes of cosy rugged (if that can be a thing). With its heavier ply and slight oversize it can be worn on its own or over the usual OBDS.