Crown Northampton make luxury sneakers with a "made in Northampton" heritage DNA. That puts it in the bracket of some of the best made shoe brands in the world with the history that Northampton has in shoe making, not only in the UK but on a global stage.

Offering a range of hand made sneakers, desert boots and jazz pumps they use the highest quality materials across the board.

Hand Stitched Sneaker

Crown Northampton's Hand Stitch Collection is the pinnacle of luxury, handmade sneakers. It was two years in the making, hand-finished construction and world-class materials have been specifically tailored and tweaked. The end result further elevates the Crown Northampton Sneaker range to the highest levels possible, delivered in a stylish low profile silhouette. This top tier collection draws inspiration from bespoke, hand welted dress shoes with more than a few nods of respect to time-honoured traditional processes.

Harlestone Hand Stitch Derby - Black Scottish Deer Suede
Harlestone Hand Stitch Derby - Horween No 8 Shell Cordovan

There’s no official definition for 'luxury sneakers', but our definition is that ‘luxury sneakers’ are made to standards far exceeding those in mass production. They are handmade to order; with the worlds best materials from limited sources, and made in smaller, limited batches. At least that’s how we do it here at Crown Northampton.

From a historic shoemaker in a historically world-famous shoemaking town comes the most unassumingly modern footwear, informed by more than a century of artisan craftsmanship.

The ultimate in luxury minimal sneakers.

Desert Boot

I got myself a pair of the Desert Boots after umming and ahhing, but I think I made the right choice for myself right now as going into winter I knew I'd get more wear of them. I'll get the sneakers for summer I think

Woodford Snuff Suede Desert Boot

Pease note that all shoes are made-to-order.