Tricks of the Trade – washing your hair

You might be a little perplexed by my outrageous title suggesting I can tell you how to wash your hair. But bear with me here. As most discoveries happen via chatting with friends, on this particular instance the chat revolved around hairstyles. And then moved onto products and how to use them. I have to admit I’m fairly lazy when it comes to washing hair as I don’t blow dry or anything like that – even though various hairdressers have recommended me to. I just don’t. However, before getting to the drying stage I learnt a trick from a friend who, in turn, learnt this trick from his hair dresser.

It involves putting the shampoo into dry hair. Run the shampoo through your hair and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This apparently allows the shampoo to soak up the grease and remove it from your hair. I was sceptical at first, but when trying this I found it worked really well. What helps though is having good products to use. One of the best I’ve found in recent years is from Baxter of California. Their Daily Protein Shampoo and Daily Moisturising Conditioner have become regulars in my bathroom. Both are nutrient enriched, meaning they restore moisture into the hair and promote strength and manageability. As well as leaving you feeling invigorated.



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