Vocier C38 Luggage – for the global nomadic gentleman

Vocier-C38-onthegoThat strap-line ‘for the global nomadic gentleman’ is what hooked me when I discovered Vocier earlier in 2015. Being a nomadic gentleman myself, and keen traveller I’m always on the lookout for good luggage – whether for short or long-haul flights. With the luxury of flying within Europe so often, it’s preferable to fly without hold luggage as there’s no real need to. So to find something extremely practical and stylish is a godsend.


The Vocier C38 is a wonderful suitcase specially designed for you to carry your suit with a crease-free system, allowing you to travel comfortably in the knowledge you can arrive at your destination and take out your suit and put it straight on if needed. Made with extremely high standard materials, the C38 has numerous compartments to neatly pack at least a weeks worth of clothing. The suit compartment curves round when packing, sandwiching the main compartment, where you can store shoes, shirts, toiletries etc.


The extendable handle had a nifty storage unit where you can keep your passport or tickets or any other valuables that you might need to get hold of quickly. My favourite feature is, when standing upright, the top handle can be uncoupled so as to reveal a zipped compartment where you can store other necessities that need easy access. With a magnetised clasp, the action of uncoupling and placing back is a smart design feature. Further thinking has gone into the bag, with the main leather straps having poppers to clip together when wheeling along, so as not to flap about and eliminate the risk of catching onto anything.


It really is a beautifully designed suitcase that is now my go-to carry on suitcase. Elegant and sophisticated, it’s a great suitcase to impress while being practical. My money is on seeing the Vocier C38 and other members of the Vocier family at an airport near you very soon. That gentleman will have recognised style and function, get involved yourself.



Chris Chasseaud
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