Vauxhall Street Food Garden

There are a few things in life that a necessities – we always need a hair cut or shave (or beard trim), but most importantly we will always need to eat. With the wealth of choice growing and the quality of street food vending exploding over the past few years, it’s brought a refreshing change to mundane lunches or dinners. The variety of choices has expanded, and with that, so has our appetite for exciting new flavours.

One place which is a hidden gem, quite literally tucked away behind a train station and bus station in Vauxhall Street Food Garden. With a small entrance on South Lambert Place, you’re hit with an enticing aroma of flavours jostling for your attention even before you’ve seen what’s on offer. This anticipation adds to the experience, where you’re able to venture along the middle pathway inspecting the various street food vendors.


Based on a rotating system, vendors set up shop for a couple of weeks before someone else takes over the spot. Allowing for the chefs to introduce themselves to a wider market they also tour and take up residencies at other locations, or national events. Some are even available for private hire – sorting out your birthday or a wedding’s catering. Vauxhall Street Food Garden have created an appealing mix of food and drink with seating areas as well as bars catering for the late crowd.

While there, I tried a great selection of dishes including grandmother inspired recipes from the wonderfully blended flavours of Naughty Roti. The Indian street food encompassed burrito styled servings including slow cooked lamb and aubergine. The whole ethos was to make the Indian food ‘easy to eat’. I had some or the best falafel I’ve had in a while which were served up by Eat Falafal with a wonderfully creamy hummus rich in flavour. You can also get fresh salads and wraps that are to die for. If you’re not too worried about your waistline, BBQ Party serves generously sized burgers and hot dogs, with the hot dogs wrapped in bacon and served with a selection of condiments to suit your liking. Win Lily Oriental served tasty Chinese food freshly prepared in-front of you while home made Roti’s were available at Roti Pan Kitchen which has exciting Caribbean flavours. Vauxhall Street Food Garden also has a couple of bars serving beers and spirits to combine in your gluttonous revelling. 



It’s great to come across Vauxhall Street Food Garden who is supporting the street food revolution and giving vendors and the general public, the opportunity to get a nice taste of international cuisine.


Vauxhall Street Food Garden
6A S Lambeth Pl, London SW8 1SP
11:30am–10pm Weekdays Only

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