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I like my shoes. People who know me, know that I’ve amassed quite large collections over the years, whether that be smart shoes or trainers. I appreciated style and form, and as those who appreciate good footwear will understand, the right footwear can transform any outfit. I’m equally a fan of traditional shoemakers as well as new brands that show appreciation and knowledge of footwear traditions. One that I discovered several years ago while living in Vienna and have made an impression ever since was Vass shoes. It’s also great to see and hear them become a little more known.

My mantra is to share good and exciting things. Tough when you want to keep it to yourself, but equally enjoyable when introducing a friend to a particular brand or product. That happened quite a lot while living in Prague and Vienna. I would either find great brands out there, or introduce brands to my friends over there. However, it was while living in Vienna that Vass made a really good impression on me. While browsing through the shop windows along Mariahilfer Strasse and around Neubau I came across some of their wonderful shoes. The Austrians like to dress well and despite the harsh winters that they experience the well dressed gentleman maintained their pose and layered up with beautiful overcoats and scarves, finished neatly with Dainite double soled or Vibram commando soled Vass’.

Vass hand-make their leather shoes and have become synonymous with exceptionally high quality and the shoe of choice the old Habsburg Empire region. Also offering a bespoke option, Vass shoes are renowned for their comfort and attention to detail. You can build your shoes from a variety of lasts and leathers combined with your choice of sole unit. I’m quite partial to the Norweger P2 in Scotchgrain oxblood.

The shoes are made from an array of fine leathers, incorporating traditional welted and reverse welted – also known as Goyser-sewn – constructed on classical and modern lasts. The exceptionally high quality of this Hungarian brand exudes style and elegance while bringing a strong amount of durability.

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