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Every so often a grooming brand will come about and gain my attention. Triumpth & Disaster have been one of the foremost brands of interest for me – covering all the bases of well designed natural ingredient products with a free attitude that resonates a sense of freedom and self- expression. Founded by Dion Nash, an ex-cricketer from New Zealand, who also dabbled in marketing  once his playing days were up. Launching his grooming brand back in 2011 he wanted to create natural products products engineered with honest intentions.

Triumph & Disaster pride themselves on making products that are built upon pillars of ritual, character and fate, made with natural ingredients that evoke old fashioned values from simpler times. All the products are tested on themselves while proudly utilising ingredients derived from nature but engineered with science. A core philosophy of the guys is that they want to make clean, safe and efficient products that make a difference. All the right things you want from an honest contemporary grooming brand that knows what a savvy gentleman needs for a busy life.

Triumph-and-Disaster-No-DiceTheir products feel robust and gutsy, giving a very masculine feel and smell harking to natural surroundings that inspire adventure. Each day should be considered an adventure which is why I love T&D’ approach. No-nonsense and straight talking. Get ready each and everyday for whatever the elements may hit at you. My first experience of using their products was using the No Dice sunscreen that worked a treat. Strong 50 SFP ensured that I wouldn’t need to worry about burning and allowed me to get on with my own thing throughout the day. The T&D Shampoo and T&D Conditioner are both exceptionally good that cleans, protects, hydrates and repairs your hair respectively. Below are some more of my favourites that are worth having a look at and getting them into your bathroom cabinet.


Triumph-and-Disaster-RockandRollRock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub

As skin grows old and it peels naturally. Left to their own devices, dead layers of skin will sit on the surface until they either flake or are brushed away. Dead skin pores build up deposits of sebum, the oil our skin naturally produces. Over time these deposits collect particles of dirt creating blackheads and unhealthy looking skin. Regular exfoliation with a well balanced and complete face scrub like Rock & Roll Suicide will remove this build up of unwanted material, cleaning out dirty pores and revealing the fresh layers of good skin underneath.





Gameface Moisturiser

Gameface moisturiser is a tool to serve and protect you against the elements. Specifically engineered to be light on the skin and easily absorbed, Gameface is a unique formulation of Jojoba extract, Horopito oil, Ponga fern (Cumungii) and Vitamin E, combined with a subtle infusion of essential oils to deliver a fragrance the Triumph & Disaster guys call ‘smoke and wood’. The result is a nutrient rich, hydrating cream that leaves skin feeling toned, supple and fresh.

Jojoba helps make Gameface light and non greasy, being a wax ester it is the closest thing to the oil your skin naturally produces, so it is easily absorbed and works with your skin rather than fighting against it.
With natural ‘built in’ anti ageing properties that are clinically proven to deliver lift and reduce wrinkles and that deliver a natural toning and tightening effect on your skin.
One of the world’s oldest flowering plants having been around for over 65 million years due in large to its amazing chemical defense system. Horopito works as a fantastic antioxidant and conditioning agent in Gameface.


On the Road Travel Edition

Created in the spirit of a seasoned traveller – lightweight, compact and ready to go. The On the Road offering will ensure you are clean faced, clean shaven and well prepared for the path ahead, whatever it may hold.

YLF Wash – for those with too much to do and too little time, YLF is an all purpose wash for Body, Face & Hair. Infused with the goodness of Rosewood, Kawakawa, Jojoba and Argan.
Ritual Face Cleanser – Light, refreshing peppermint-scented Ritual is formulated to clean without drying or irritation, leaving skin feeling fresh and bright.
Old Fashioned Shave Cream – Natural ingredients combine to simultaneously soften and lift facial hair whilst creating a smooth glide that allows the blade an unbeatable close shave.
Gameface Moisturiser – Jojoba, Ponga fern and Horopito combine to deliver a calming, hydrating and soothing moisturiser that will leave your skin feeling great.


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Chris Chasseaud
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