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Behind every great piece of Levi’s denim is a hardworking man or woman. Someone who knows a shuttle loom like the back of their hand, whose weaving technique has been honed over years, for whom selvedge dyeing is second nature. To celebrate 100 years of Levi’s denim being meticulously handcrafted at Cone Mills, the brand has created a series of photographs that capture the artisans at the heart of the process.


The striking reportage-style series celebrates the people who have spent a lifetime making great American denim. Wayne Turner, a dyeing overhauler, is pictured next to the dye vats he monitors, where the brand’s famous selvedge receives its distinctive colouring. Jerome Arnold is pictured monitoring the machinery that prepares the warp for weaving. Legendary weaver, Mildred “Mickey” Bolen, who spent 55 years with the company, is captured in front of an ancient oak tree, from which the mill got its original name – White Oak Mill.

Not only do these people make the world’s most iconic denim, they’ve made Levi’s history with every warp and weft they’ve crafted.

You can view the Levi’s Vintage collection here.

Chris Chasseaud
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