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When I was in New York a few months ago, I was asking people I met for a good barbershop they could recommend me. Within a heartbeat each person I asked suggested The Blind Barber. I had track them down and found their two locations in . Unfortunately I didn’t have any time to go visit and get a cut or beard trim. However, to make up for missing out on that, I discovered recently that they have created a range of products that you can take home and use yourself. What better way to get as close as possible to a Blind Barber experience.

Offering a range of hair pomades, shampoo, conditioner and shave creams, this simple range gives you all the quality and attention to detail that is, to my recent understanding, the Blind Barber way which has warranted it’s legend.

Wild Watermint Gin Facial Cleanser


Made with juniper berry (used in the making of gin) it surprisingly helps your skin fight against spots, leaving skin feeling clean, cool and with a subtle fresh mint scent. Good for removing dirt and oil buildup throughout the day as well as used as pre-shave cleanser. The specially-formulated facial cleanser infuses skin with natural hydrating agents and botanical extracts.

Lemongrass Tea Shampoo (and body wash)


This shampoo doubles up as a body wash which is every guys ideal scenario. A lot of us will prefer to have one that does both and this one does that job empathically well. Crafted with hair-growth increasing Rooibos Tea, excess oil removing Lemongrass and Coconut Oil to keep hair strong and healthy looking. Hair is left feeling light and clean with an effortless comb-through, ready for styling.


90 Proof Hair Pomade


A wonderful hair pomade with a matte finish that offers good control. This protein-rich styling pomade leaves hair with a workable matte finish with a strong hold. Made with hair strengthening Keratin, conditioning hops, Sweet Almond and Carnauba Wax.

You can get the Blind Barber range at

Chris Chasseaud
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