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As travelling has been quite prevalent in most of my routine the past few years, it helps to have a wardrobe or certain garments that suit the occasion. It can be challenging finding something that acts for a number of factors, such as being robust and smart as the same time. A lot of smart attire tends to be delicate due to the nature of fabrics used. Which is a shame, as I’m a believer that if it’s good, wear it. And wear it out.

I’ve become a bit of a denim lover the past couple of years – as they’re great utility clothing that can be worn during many occasions. I have a couple of cotton trousers and chinos that have tended to make up a ‘smarter’ look but been somewhat reluctant to wear them, falling out of love with them a little. Although recently that’s changed and I started wearing a pair of chinos that’s part of my Decades Club (clothes I’ve owned for over ten years).  But the necessary needs of having a pair of trousers that are perfect for travel has been something I’ve been on the look out for a while.


You can always get a travel suit, which is made with fabric that won’t crease – perfect for business travel while sitting in airport lounges and trains. However, if you want a more relaxed and versatile number, a sturdy pair of chinos tends to do the trick. I for one, earmarked a new brand a little while ago called SPOKE who produce only chinos – great finding someone that specialises in one thing. But what intrigued me the most was their dedication to ensuring you get the right fit. Using British, Italian and Swiss

It can be challenging finding a pair of trousers that fit perfectly – for a good price. And what Spoke have ingeniously done is creating a fitting range suitable to different body types. This is perfect for those of us who may have more athletic figures but still wish to have a slim fitting trouser that fits well and looks good. All you have to do is measure your waist and thighs and then input those measurements into the website to determine which fit is best for you. They will even send you a measuring tape if you don’t have one. You can choose between three different fits to ensure you get as close to a perfect fit for you as possible (as well as to your preference).

Fit A – slim
Fit B – regular slim
Fit C – regular

With a slight amount of Elastane in the pair I got it allows for a little give which is ideal when moving about a lot while walking etc, or offering a relaxed comfort while sitting in the plane or Eurostar. My SPOKE’s are soon becoming my go-to travel attire. Plus, with the versatility of dressing up or dressing down, I’m covered for any occasion once I arrive at my destination.




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