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I came across a wonderful shirt maker a couple of months ago called Smyth & Gibson and have had the pleasure of getting to know a little more about their business while also falling in love with their craftsmanship. Based in Derry, Northern Ireland, Smyth & Gibson’s factory has a vast experience with producing shirts for the likes of Margaret Howell and Thomas Pink. But with their own label, they do a fantastic selection of both read-to-wear and bespoke with high quality fabrics alongside a glorious selection of collars.

Fabric are from Swiss and Italian mills with everything cut by hand so that they can ensure stripes and checks match properly.  Troca shell buttons are used, and are whipped and lock stitched. The one thing I really love with Smyth & Gibson is the huge choice of fashion forward collar shapes – beyond the Classic and Cutaway, they have the Albany Cutaway, Penny Square, Olivier, Olivier Button Down, Tab, Skinny Jimmy, Picadilly, Grandad, Point, Hertford and Eton. Have a look here to see all the collars, perfect for building up the right bespoke shirt, knowing your face shape and preferred tie knots.


At the factory alongside their own brand, Smyth & Gibson make the Thomas Pink Imperial Collection and their made-to-order shirts, as well as some Margaret Howell.  Last season they collaborated with Private White VC and this season they did something with the uber trendy Tiger of Sweden. The wholesale business is growing too, which is great news and is good to hear some amazing international stores like Journal Standard in Japan, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, Selfridges in London stock them.

Have a look for yourself at the wonderful selection and order one of the best shirts made in the UK. Fact!


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