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I recently came across the wonderful online retailer Shibumi Berlin while looking for a particular style of tie. I was searching for a grenadine tie as I’ve seen a few nice ones around on the web and wanted to find some nice colours and different weights. It turned out Shibumi Berlin had a wonderful selection of Italian made grenadine ties in a fine weave as well as larger more ‘casual’ weave. The coarser weave, also known as garza grossa is a beautiful example of a tie that can be used for any occasion and easily applied to any suit combination. The navy tie is probably the most versatile but I’ve recently been attracted to green – a colour that brings out the best in my eyes. But these ties have hand-rolled edges, meaning the tip consists of just one layer of fabric while the edges are rolled in and sewn by hand.

Beyond the ties, Shibumi-Berlin have a wonderful collection of socks and pocket squares, ideal for finishing off any outfit. The socks include cotton varieties as well as linen & hemp options. Well worth a peruse the quality accessories, hopefully inspiring you to get a new addition for your wardrobe. As mentioned, a grenadine tie is a well placed investment that will serve you well.

Shibumi Berlin

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