Rufus Country x Captain Fawcett Gentleman’s Grooming Kit

Leather goods brand Rufus Country have teamed up with male grooming brand Captain Fawcett to create an exclusive grooming kit ideal for the hirsute gentleman. They have created a nice little case made with Italian tanned hide that includes all that you need for your travels.

The perfect travel companion, Rufus Country x Captain Fawcett’s Gentleman’s Grooming Kit includes a beard oil, a moustache wax, a large beard comb, a pair of trimming scissors, a shatterproof leather bound mirror and a natural bristle beard brush. I got the opportunity to speak with Fabian Lintott from Rufus Country and Captain Fawcett himself.


Rufus-Country-x-Captain-Fawcett---03Where do you see your grooming kit being used and by whom?

Rufus Country: We developed this Gentlemen’s grooming kit as a great place to store all your grooming essentials. It works fantastically well whether your on the move or at home. It also helps to keep your kit together. So it is a definitely a must for any bearded gentlemen who enjoy keeping their hair in tip top condition!

Captain Fawcett: The Rufus Country in collaboration with Captain Fawcett ‘Simply First Class Gentlemen’s Grooming Kit’ might well be used by one intent on a simple weekend jaunt to a dear chums country pile or by those actively engaged in a veritable up-against-it route march alongside Johnny Sherpa as they battle their weary way up to blessed Base-Camp.

What are your favourite travel destinations?

RC: I do love a good trip and have been fortunate enough to have been on a few expeditions. I love Hong Kong and have been a few times for business and love the buzz of the city. It is also where one of my best friends lives so it is always a great trip!!! I also conquer with the Captain on the Riviera and normally have a bit of time in the summer to spend near Nice and there is nothing quite like the heat of the sun and a cold G&T. Closer to home Bournemouth is a great place to visit and I often find time to do some sketching down there. The sea air is great for providing a bit of inspiration.

CF: Phnom Penh,  The Hindu Kush , The R(out of season of course as it goes without saying that I find it on occasion difficult to cope with the bally hordes


Can you give some of your travel grooming tips? 

RC: Wherever in this wondrous world one finds oneself it is extremely important to maintain appearances and as such a neatly brushed head of hair and a well presented beard & moustache goes a very long way to establish just who is top dog.. Don’t let the blighters grind you down and be sure that whatever the day hurls your way you are intent on putting your best foot forward & keeping a stiff upper lip regardless

CF: Grooming is definitely the Captain’s department but I would thoroughly recommend a good beard oil to keep things soft and smelling sweet. The Captain makes some smashing ones!


Name your favourite hirsute gentleman?

RC: There are some cracking beards out there at the minute! One guy who I think comes across as a true gent would be Fred Sirieix from the first dates restaurant and Jeff Bridges.

CF: Cry Harry for England… Brian Blessed…and that colonial cove that goes by the moniker of Jimmy Niggles.


The Gentleman’s Grooming Kit can be purchased via the Rufus Country website for £90

Chris Chasseaud
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