Red Wing’s Relentless Pursuit

For about 10 or 15 years I’ve had a fixation on Red Wing and their incredibly close link to Americana and workwear. Founded on the American ‘promise’ that if you worked hard, you can achieve anything. Focusing on this while also focusing on their craft, Red Wing established themselves as the boot that every worker would wear, whether that’s from a factory worker to a lumberjack or postal office worker. Red Wing stood for getting the job done, and getting it done right.

The Red Wing Heritage range continues to evoke American craft culture, one that has come on strong the past few years despite the car industry over there taking quite a hit. With the entrepreneural spirit taking rise in a younger generation, they too still carry on that ‘getting the job done’ attitude. And what better than wearing boots that previous generations wore to build their livelihoods.

Realising this Red Wing wish to salute those that wear their boots and share their values while pursuing to get things done right in their chosen field. Highlighting this, they’ve chosen the talented Yoji Tokujoshi – a talented chef, who, honed his culinary skills in Italy blending Japanese culture, food and craftsmanship. Creating dishes at his Tokujoshi restaurant that are both true and authentic to his vision. It’s there that his passion for quality and the hard work continues to flourish.

The Relentless Pursuit | Yoji Tokuyoshi from Red Wing Heritage


Red Wing have also recently released the second edition of the Red Wing Post that will be available at Europe and looks back at some of the brand’s memorable moments and influences, while reporting on some of their protagonists’ approach to craftsmanship. Pop in to one of their stores to have a look and get a copy.

Images courtesy of Red Wing Heritage

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