The Raincho

T-Michael_RainchoYears ago before my foray into the fashion world really took off, and I was designing logos and ad campaigns, I got into the rounds of trawling through Tumblr and Pinterest for style inspiration. As an early adopter of those media channels it was great to build on the sense of community in sharing discovered images. One image that mesmerised me – as well as thousands of others I’m sure – was that of a gentleman wearing a beautiful overcoat with his hood up. The gentleman in question was tailor T-Michael of Norwegian Rain, and the outerwear piece he was wearing was Norwegian Rain’s Raincho.

Since that moment I was transfixed and followed the brand closely and had the pleasure of meeting T-Michael and Alexander at London trade fair Jacket Required a few years ago. Seeing the full collection in person and talking with them about the fabrics and items was a real treat. Moments like that help build bonds, and I’m proud to stay that I’ve been remaining in touch with the Norwegian Rain family ever since. A brand that has grown steadily and received deserved interest from respected stores worldwide.

I was able to try on the Raincho – a cross over of a rain jacket and a poncho. However, the Raincho is produced from a tailoring approach, using attitudes of style and function. The shape is flattering and drapes beautifully to the body, where you can tie up round the waist or button up. Even leaving open and draping down it’s comfortable and complimentary of any outfit. But it’s the fabric that I’m really in love with here. Made from recycled materials and organic cotton that are made intro threads, it’s then woven to create the high quality membrane fabric.
No solvents are used in making the membrane, waste is eliminated and energy consumptions decreased, while CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 80% compared to regular production methods. Japanese manufacturers help Alex and T-Michael achieve what they’re after and I love the way that sort of relationship develops between designer and manufacturer to reach their goals and targets in producing a high quality fabric that looks like something a Savile Row tailor may use. This gives the Raincho a wonderful charm, a feeling that you know it’s a well-thought out garment that can be worn in all sort of weather climates.

With the breathable and windproof qualities combining with the obligatory waterproofing, the sartorial approach to rain coats is a welcome to the market. The Raincho can be worn any time of year which is why I love it’s diversity. A modern day classic that will, I believe become an icon in it’s own right. One, that along with T-Michael and his affable presence will win over many many fans.



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