A brand that has been on my radar for quite a while now, producing exquisite premium leather briefcases and accessories has recently rebranded themselves. Originally under the guise of Oppermann London, they now go by the name Carl Friedrik. Set up by brothers Niklas and Mattias Oppermann in 2012, they maintain their focus on quality leathers, paired with fair pricing. Niklas and Mattias works directly with skilled artisans and source their leathers from reputable tanneries, resulting in a premium product that they sell direct to the consumer without adding extra costs. I met

When I was in New York a few years ago I made a point of visiting Knickerbocker Mfg who had reached my radar a couple of years previously. Taking over a factory to inject a line of USA Made collections, Andrew Livingstone built a dedicated team of crafts people and technicians producing a range of hats, jackets and trousers inspired by a golden age of American manufacturing with aesthetic values akin to those pioneering industrial times. They have just released their new Barn Coat with inspiration taken from chore jackets old made in a

In London’s Piccadilly, Norwegian Rain and long-term collaborator Modern Tribute have put on an in-store exhibition titled Scandi-GAN with Studio Ifreecans and their roster of NextGAN visual artists. Scandi-GAN is an exhibition juxtaposing Mid Century Scandinavian furnishings and accessories at with NextGAN artworks with an aim of facilitating aesthetic convergence between cross-cultural art, design and craft. The unifying theme is that conceptually sound, high quality yet emotionally authentic furniture accentuates art of a similar nature and vice versa.   Scandi-GAN’s concept draws inspiration from Danish Industrial designer and affiliate of the Scandinavian Design movement Kristian

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky to explore the world of horology in varying capacities. As much as I like watches, and the ease of telling the time, I had never been been able to afford the premium let alone luxury watches. I have, however, learnt to appreciate their craftsmanship. I tend to like classic styles of dials and watch faces. I don’t claim to be an expert in any sort of measure, but in the arena of aesthetics, I know what I like and has attractive qualities. One

Orlebar Brown release the newest member of their swim shorts collection, celebrating their tenth anniversary. Named Jack, the shorts continue the Orlebar Brown ethos of lifestyle shorts that can be worn by the pool and at the restaurant, the shorts are tailored for flexibility. Based on the same pattern as their OB Classic shorts and made from ultra-lightweight nylon and weighing in at just 70 grams, this multipurpose short has been created as a more sporting approach to their iconic swim shorts. Following on from the OB Classics Springer, Setter, Bulldog and Dane, the Jack takes