Orlebar Brown swim shorts

When the sun is out I’m not exactly one for sitting around on a beach or by a pool sun bathing, although it is nice to soak some rays while working on the balcony or having a pint in the garden. I rather prefer active holidays or adventure ones – whether that’s climbing mountains or discovering new towns, villages or cities. But when on holiday, there always seems to be opportunity to go swimming. Which poses questions of what to wear as I’m not a massive swimmer. If I was a committed swimmer as I am a runner, I’d probably have some technical shorts, but while on holiday it’s completely different. However, Orlebar Brown have gone to fantastic lengths to produce swimwear that encapsulates more a lifestyle. OB shorts frontWhat Orlebar Brown does so well is to keep things simple by offering a selection of 4 models with different cuts/lengths. From there you have the perfect springboard (no pun intended) to have a splash of colour, or if you’re more adventurous, some printed shorts. But it’s the ease of lifestyle that sounds and appeals to me. I was speaking with Adam Brown last year about how they focus on a lifestyle approach, the OB world so to say, where, taking a tailored approach to making swimwear allows for an exceptional fit.

The models, named after dogs – Sprinter, Setter, Bulldog, Dane – are identical in style just different in length. Orlebar Brown specialise in offering variety. Ranging from solid colours, light and dark, to a wide variety of prints.

All OB swim shorts are based on a 17 piece pattern, same that of what a traditional mans pair of trouser would have. There are certain details such as four part shaped waistbands with double fusing and darts at the back for a tailored fit. That means that they’ll fit perfectly at the back, and at the front. You’ll therefore have enough space to put your hands in your pockets. Detailing continues with side tab fasteners and back pocket with zip

OB shorts pattern

Based on a 17 piece pattern of a traditional mans pair of trousers. They have details such as four part shaped waistbands with double fusing, darts at the back offering a tailored a tailored fit.

Quick drying fabric
100% polyamide fabric, that is not only is it durable, but dries in a flash so you won’t be left soaking in wet shorts, getting cold and uncomfortable.

Tailored Waist
There isn’t an elasticated waistbands, rather a well tailored fit which can be adjusted with the side fasteners.

The inside of the shorts contain a mesh-net lining, allowing you to play tennis, hop on a surfboard, swim or just lounge around on the beach in perfect comfort and safety.

If you want some extra help in choosing the right shorts, click here to find the right pair.


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