Oliver Sweeney’s new ‘Club’ at Henrietta Street, London

As the popularity for item specific brands grow into full-look or full experience brands, the focus on a lifestyle experience becomes more apparent. Oliver Sweeney have come along leaps and bounds with a new store on Henrietta Street being the marker for their exerted efforts into clothing and lifestyle beyond footwear. Although it’s more of an accompaniment to their shoes where everything is under one roof. Playing on a members club atmosphere, one can peruse Oliver Sweeney’s vastly growly collection of mainline shoes along with their newer casual models.


The space is a good edit and nicely merchandised that flows smoothly within the space. I’d thoroughly recommend a visit if you’re in the Covent Garden area for inspiration and a relaxed retail experience. Right now is a good time to browse through the new AW15 collection, ready for the new cooler season. I’ve got my eye on the wholecut shoes and some of their boots. Sweeney are also now offering some great quality outerwear and jackets as well as quality knitwear.

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