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As watching films has moved away from DVD to streaming, it’s sometimes a challenge to find particular movies. One particular take on the film streaming service has taken the angle of focusing on quality over quantity with the unique characteristic that every day a new movie is added to the available collection. Mubi acts as a curator of sorts, selecting quality movies that are available for a total of 30 days that are added to the collection. It’s pretty exciting finding out what movie has been selected by the Mubi team, all tending to be right up my street – with a mixture of blockbuster movies as well as art house ones – including Drive, Old Boy, Donnie Darko and Amelie.

I was speaking with my housemate Alex Milnes about Mubi after seeing the cool billboard posters and it turns out that his old university tutor Jason Evans had shot them. Continuing the theme of independent and art house movies, the posters hint at the movie without the need of using footage, but rather real life items that tie into the movies. If you know the movies already it may help. If you don’t, watch the movies and then you’ll get them.

Watch great cinema with Mubi currently with a 30 day free trial.

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