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The Japanese have become renowned for their immaculate style and attention to detail. Japanese men have an incredible tendency to always look well put together, whether that be wearing a suit, denim, or leather. Since the 1950s Japanese fashion has been growing stronger and stronger, centred around their textile industry. Designers and brands have been able to work closely with them in developing amazing fabrics and work together on unique techniques.
There are, as you would expect, a host of Japanese brands and retailers that produce high quality products. One interesting fact I discovered a little while ago was the stature of some of retailers such as Beams, United Arrows and Tomorrowland that have their own collections they sell and then add an edit other international brands curated with their brands. I’ve had the honour of meeting the Beams and United Arrows buying teams in Milan and Paris the past couple of years and thoroughly respect their approach of bringing new and exciting brands to Japan to fit alongside their own exquisite collections.

However, it’s always been a little difficult to get hold of certain Japanese brands within the UK or European shores. Beams actually has one of their own labels called Beams Plus that has been in Europe for about a year now, while others have been attending trade fairs and showrooms to slowly get in to shops over here. I was lucky enough to get to know a few of these brands in Paris earlier this year who were showing at the renowned Touba London showroom – one being Blackmeans who are friendly guys describing themselves as a ‘hardcore craft team’. They use a mixture of innovative techniques and unconventional ways of finishing leather as well as having casual garments carrying a punk attitude. They’re ovely and very down to earth, focusing on plying their trade that they enjoy so much. Hours and hours go in to the studded jackets, hence the price-tag, but that shows their dedication to their craft.


Remi Relief Denim Jacket

Despite the difficulty of getting hold of Japanese brands over here, Mr Porter has now launched their Japanese edit including Beams Plus, Beams T, Neighborhood, Blackmeans and Remi Relief allowing us a more immediate access to these exciting brands. Luckily for us, Mr Porter plans on expanding the selection season on season to bring more Japanese brands and establish themselves as an ideal destination for Japanese products and brands.

See the selection here on Mr Porter.


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