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The grooming industry is booming. Men have become interested in their appearances both through clothes and fashion as well as various grooming regimes to look and feel healthy. As men take more care in appearances, it literally starts from the head down. We probably spend a lot of time in-front of our vanity mirrors fine tuning our desired looks. However, what I’ve found interesting and counter intuitive to the grooming habits is that of the boom in beards.

Master Barber Mr Natty

Master Barber Mr Natty

Started, in recent years anyway, as a rebellious form of expression and laziness in not wanting to shave, we find that the beard has well and truly found itself as a fashion accessory. As most men with a beard will tell you, it’s a labour of love and can actually take a while to look after properly – washing, combing, oiling. Each man will have their own of regimes. But what I started using when growing my beard (and at that time there wasn’t the plethora of brands and products we have now) I turned to a trust British brand called Mr Natty.

Myself, being a slight eccentric character, was attracted to the simplicity and yet quirky nature of the brand. Products with packaging that abusively shout out at you with directions on how to treat your barnet – natty by name, natty by nature.
Matt (Mr. Natty) forged a career in barbering and hair styling, cutting hair and styling for campaign shoots etc, developed a range of products that drew from his extensive experience. I have memories from a few years ago where he’d set set up shot in various abodes for pop-up barber sessions, which I duly arranged to have my beard and barnet tamed with the classic hairdressing instruments Matt would use.

Even prior to those haircuts I would use Mr Natty’s Beard Elixir to help cultivate my beard. As the first beard oil that I used thoroughly, it was great to mention this and chat with him on grooming techniques. Even during one of my interviews with Patrick Grant we would sing praise of Mr Natty’s beard oil. We also spoke fondly of galoshes, which are an absolute must for any gentleman wanting to protect and preserve the good nature of their shoes


Without digressing too much, it’s safe for me to say, that those of you growing beards and looking to purchase a beard oil, there’s not much wrong with getting a beard elixir from Mr Natty. Wash and comb your beard and put a healthy dollop of that to put things right.

You can get your very own Mr Natty’s Famous Beard Elixir at Niven & Joshua.

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