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Mr-Black-Sport-RefreshI love my sport – watching it, talking about it, reading about it as well as playing it. And when it comes to the latter, one of the more frustrating thing I find is taking care of my sports gear. Taking care of my body actually takes precedence, which is still needing an improvement. But to my aide comes Mr Black Sport Refresh that allows me the peace of mind to carry around my sports gear in my bag after a morning work out, giving it a ‘fresh’ or fresher aroma than sweat induced garments.

What Mr Black Garment Essentials does is to allow the opportunity to spray natural ingredient sprays that kill of germs and nasty odours. Heaven for anyone cycling or running to work in the mornings. You may be able to shower and clean yourself, but your technical sports gear remains dirty after your excursions. To keep you locker, bag and work area fresh and not affected by sweaty odours, Sport Refresh will save you from any unwanted nasty smells. Even if you may do light training one evening and want to do a heavier session the next day, you can give your garments a light spray so that it’ll be ready to wear the following morning.

The perfect partner for the Sport Refresh is the Sport Wash that is a powerful biodegradable solution designed to tackle the extra dirt and salt inflicted on garments through sporting activities. Focused on eliminating bacteria and sweat odours for technical fabrics and sports clothes, the natural ingredients are expertly blended creating a premium formula to target dirt and grime while leaving the looking and smelling fresh.
Mr-Black-Sport-duoMr-Black-Duo-ShoeA perfect shoe-in (no pun intend) for an accompanying product is the Mr Black Shoe Refresh and Shoe Cleaner. As you may be made very aware after going for a run or having a gym session, that your shoes will take the most pounding in terms of sweat and odour. Eliminate and pungent smells with a fresh spray made with eucalyptus oil that kills odour causing bacteria.

Colleagues and family members alike will be eternally grateful while you can remain confident that your stylish running shoes keep in peak condition for longer. To put attention to detail in your training regime also requires you to be sensitive to the affects of odour and dirty sports gear. Using Mr Black’s helps maintain a stylish image and persona throughout, giving you tools to keep your sports gear in ideal conditions post-training.


Mr Black Sport Refresh £9.95
Mr Black Sport Wash £13.50
Mr Black Shoe Refresh £9.95
Mr Black Shoe Cleaner £9.95



Chris Chasseaud
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