Lock & Co. Nomad Trilby

Lock-Hatters-Nomad-rollable-trilby-1As a keen traveler and admirer of timeless style, I was impressed to come across this wonderful hat from Lock & Co. Hatters’ aptly named the Nomad Tribly. A robust drop-brim trilby made in a wool felt that can be rolled up with a same material band that can be unclipped and wrapped round to hold the hat in place once folded. Easily stored in your pocket or bag it’s great for when you want to take a hat away with you but might want not wish to wear it all the time while travelling.
I, on the other hand have been wearing this hat constantly, whilst on my recent adventures to New York and Rome, and back home. It fared me well one day in New York when there was torrential rain for the whole day. Luckily the Nomad Trilby has a waterproof coating. Armed with my vintage Burberry’s mac and the trilby I managed to survive the day and stay dry. The hat performed exceptionally well and even without the use of an umbrella I was left feeling confident that I wouldn’t get drenched.

The durability of the hat allows for extended use and wear. Keeping to a few rules will also help prolong the lifespan of the hat.

  • Using clean hands, turn the brim down
  • Push out the crown of the hat to form a dome shape
  • Softly roll the hat along the crease, from convex to concave
  • On arrival at your destination, always unfold and reshape your hat to restore its shape

Lock & Co. Nomad Trilby Hat – £150

Chris Chasseaud
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