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I went with a friend of mine to Jim Beam’s Craft House the other week, that opened up for a few days on the South Bank at the OXO Tower Bargehouse. Both of us keen bourbon and whisky drinks, we were rather keen to sample what the night in store for us.

Trying the usual suspects of the Jim Beam family, we were thoroughly surprised to find out more about the making of the various whiskeys and recipes. What was especially fascinating was the making of Makers Mark, in that it involved a unique development in producing the whisky’s recipe.Makers Mark


T. William Samuel set about making a choice of recipes with help of other distilling legends as Pappy Van Winkle and Jack Daniels. The process consisted of baking bread of each recipe and eating them to decide upon what which recipe to go with. The chosen bread actually had no rye used in it (most bourbons use rye as a key component), but rather red winter wheat giving it’s particular flavour.

Another nice feature was discovering that every bottle of Markers Mark is still hand dipped into wax – conjuring up images of a couple of fellas frantically dipping the bottles in vats of hot vats as the bottles hurtle towards them along the production line. I love those little touches that give unique qualities to each and every bottle.

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Makers Mark wax dipping

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