Honest Burger x Karma Cola

As the burger joint revolution also looked to be slowing down and in fear of becoming over-saturated, or losing ground to other foods, Honest Burger come along and introduce a wonderful burger collaboration with Karma Cola. Everyone loves a good burger and a cola! With that in mind, Honest went about making a burger inspired by the fizzy pop. The Karma Cola Burger is everything you’d wish for and more. Created to complement the cola’s citrus and vanilla notes the burger is a delicious combination of Honest Burger’s dry-aged beef patty, smoked Applewood cheddar, moist Karma Cola-braised beef and finished with a green chilli coleslaw.


As ever, Honest Burger’s beef patties are full of taste and with this particular burger they’ve added some gorgeous Karma Cola braised beef that sits delicately onto of the cheese covered patty. I’d happily have some of the braised beef on the side. You hear of marinading meat with beer, which I like, but using cola gives it a slightly sweet flavour that works well with the crisp savoury chilli coleslaw.

Karma-ColaThe Karma Cola Foundation
Karma Cola is a craft cola made with real cola nut and a selection of the best organic and Fairtrade ingredients. Being named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by The Ethical Institute for two years in a row, they were also awarded The World’s Fairest Trader by Fairtrade International. The Karma Cola Foundation was founded to ensure the cola nut farmers benefited directly from the sale of their drinks. Proceeds from the sale of every bottle go back to the people of Boma in Sierra Leone to be injected into sustainable farming as well as used in various community projects. The Foundation is dedicated to sustainable economic independence and development of the communities Karma Cola trades with.

The Karma Cola burger costs £11.50 with £1 being donated to The Karma Cola Foundation.

The Karma Cola special is available at Honest Burger now until 3rd August.
For locations, visit www.honestburgers.co.uk


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