Just for Good Measure

I’m a big advocate of brands that focus on producing quality products, made in small batches and that have a good story. That story could be on where it’s produced, such as ‘Made in England’ or a particular manufacturer. Good Measure does just that, and what impresses and resonates with me is the fact that what they produce is a culmination of years of conversations in pubs batting about ideas of ‘we should do that’ or ‘that’s good, but would be better if’. They have taken that spirit and focused on producing limited runs of high quality clothing without compromise.

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One of my favourites is their M-11 top inspired by vintage American Football jerseys and given a contemporary update. It consists of features such as yoke seam across the front, while the nature of the fabric contains marks and wrinkles contributed to by the hand dyeing process. This particular garment was knitted in North Carolina, which is quite fitting due to it’s long history and connection to American Football.

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