Glashütte Original Exhibition

I’ve been getting more into my watches the past couple of years with the pleasure of meeting some great individuals during that time. They’re a passionate bunch and you can learn a lot from them. It’s great seeing a host of new brands coming through, embracing tradition with contemporary styling but it’s the wonder of a lot of the heritage brands that captivate. If you want to get a taste of some watch making history, there’s a great little exhibition right now at Harrods by Glashütte Original with an interactive installation focusing on their expertise in chronographs.


A highlight is the Wondertable that showcases each of the components that make up their new in-house chronograph movement. It’s impressive to see how many pieces are used and perfectly positioned to operate such an ambitious movement. For me, it’s great to see how they adhere to age old traditions that were started 170 years ago, and are still kept to this day. It’s also impressive in this day and age that a brand aims to make as much as possible in-house within the company – Glashütte makes approximately 95% of their parts themselves.


The exhibition runs on until Wednesday 24 June at Harrods’ Fine Watch Room.

Glashütte Original

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