Patriot Fuel Active Portable Charger

Whenever I’ve been travelling or doing day trips, I’ve that one of my biggest necessities and worries has become the battery life on my phone. My phone will die half way through the day or sometimes only a third the way through once emailing on the train. Data eats up battery like there’s no tomorrow. So I’ve been looking to get a portable charger to help me out in moments of need. I was kindly lent a Fuel Active portable charger by Patriot Mobile that doubled up as a torch – ideal for camping and outdoor activities. I actually found the torch quite useful even when rummaging through my bag and struggling to find it, but activating the torch by accident, allowing me to find it instantly.

The rechargeable portable battery charger is made with a robust aluminium casing designed for the outdoor and perfect for hiking and camping. Easily charged prior to your adventure, the portable charger can give you one full charge – so recommended when you really need it, otherwise it’s a great back up to have while camping.

• Built in bright 3-stage LED torch
• Ideal for phone, camera, GPS and other USB powered devices
• Built in protection: Safeguard from over charge, under discharge, over current, over temperature, short circuit

Patriot-Memory-Fuel-Active-Mobile-Charger-4The Patriot Fuel Active charger is available at Carphone Warehouse – £14.99

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