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A few years ago saw the real start of my love and appreciation for denim. Of course when younger I was excited at getting a new pair of Levis’ or Lee jeans – with still probably my favourite jeans being the Levi’s Engineered Jeans. However, it was 2012/2013 that I really started becoming more of a ‘denim head’, helped by meeting true denim heads who spoke passionately about the garments and fabrics in equal measure. Learning about selvedge and taking care of it, as well as manufacturing at famous American and Japanese mills and so on.

Flying-Horse-Indigo-Goods-3During this period there came a perfectly timed introduction to a new denim brand – back then called Flying Horse Jeans – and now rebranded under the name Flying Horse Indigo Goods. What drew me even more to the brand, beyond the interest in understanding more about their denim, was discovering a shared love and passion for nomadic tendencies. Founder David Rix said he was inspired when in traveling in South East Asia by the nomadic spirit he felt

I have owned a pair of selvedge Flying Horse jeans since the very first meeting. Some will well you not to wash them for the first 6-9 months. It’s worth the effort, as the’ll wear down perfectly. Creases and whiskers and honeycombs form to your own movements, personalising the jeans. In store they have a pair framed to show the effects of what can be achieved. I managed to hold out for 18 months – thanks in as much to an amazing product called Denim Refresh by Mr. Black. If not washing puts you off, I thoroughly recommend Denim Refresh as it will give a new sense of life to the jeans, killing bacteria while freshening the fabric as it works through the fabric strands.

Being in the heart of the Soho and Carnaby Street area, Flying Horse has a great store location offering a friendly and down-to-earth feel. You can sense the travelling and adventurous spirit within the store in the merchandising. I even remember having coffee once in the area with Karlmond Tang of Mr Boy in the are having one of our coffee & conversations about menswear and decided to pop in and introduce him to the guys. They’re very welcoming and a great bunch – passionate about indigo with all of them having exciting stories to share. Go say hello if you’re in the area. Go experience the Spirit of Indigo in Soho.

8 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RJ






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