E.Tautz SS15

I’ve found seasonal fashion a strange one. Even more so here in the UK where you can sometimes experience all four seasons in one day. And so you have to be prepared and dress accordingly. The hardest season for us is summer – as the lightweight clothing goes into shops in February/March, when we’re in the middle of winter. Spring never exactly warms up, and when summer does finally decide to make an appearance the summer clothes have already been hurried off out of the shop floors. Annoying and frustrating as it may be, it will probably remain that way, as an industry that thrives on seasonality. However, one thing may be for us to to get used to buying Spring/Summer earlier, although I just never seem to be able to do so when immediate requirements tend to be buying thicker and warmer fabrics.


Enough about that though – I wanted to share a Spring/Summer collection that is still out and worth nothing, as well as worth investing in right now seeing as sales will be ushered very soon. It’s the standout collection by E.Tautz that mixes a wonderful blue, white and beige palette that is, in my opinion, undeniably one of the best and safest to work with. Wider leg trousers form a base of flowing expression with heavy cotton workwear inspired by photos from Martin Parr of images from the 1980’s documenting the awkward Brit trying his best to enjoy the beach. The stripes from deck chairs have been lent to a number of pieces, as well as styling that harks towards Mod culture referencing with glimmers coming through the outerwear.

I was lucky enough to see this collection last year backstage at the E.Tautz catwalk show during London Collections: Men. I even had the opportunity to chat a little with Patrick Grant while preparations were going on. Just before shows there tends to be an amazing calm before the storm moment – once hair and make-up is done, models dressed, it’s just a matter of waiting. And so while waiting, I took the opportunity to chat with Patrick, make up artists and models alike. This collection stood out as one of my favourites and will continue in the same vain in the AW15 (I was lucky to meet Patrick again in Copenhagen at CIFF Raven to see at close hand the AW15 collection while also making some private orders).


Have a little look online, but if you’re in London and do get the opportunity, go to Duke Street and have a gander around the store. Say hello to Lucas, Karl and Seb while you’re there – wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable gentlemen. The most important thing is to get hold of this exceptional collection and build your future wardrobe around it.


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