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Over the past few years I’ve been lucky to explore the world of horology in varying capacities. As much as I like watches, and the ease of telling the time, I had never been been able to afford the premium let alone luxury watches. I have, however, learnt to appreciate their craftsmanship. I tend to like classic styles of dials and watch faces. I don’t claim to be an expert in any sort of measure, but in the arena of aesthetics, I know what I like and has attractive qualities. One such brand that grabbed my attention last year is DuFa Watches (Deutsche-Uhrenfabrik) which is a German brand that has been brought back from the ashes unearthing a nice array of timepieces inspired by the understated neo-classical design heritage of the Bauhaus movement.DF-9014-01_large

It used to be a watch and clock factory under the guise of Etzold & Popitz producing pre-WW2. Harking from the state of Thuringen where the Bauhaus was located and thrived, you can’t help but see the influences from manufacturing in the midst of the architectural and the artistic verve emanating from the Bauhaus.



Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus, DuFa’s watches show an accomplished and refined build combined with elegant and practical faces. Very much something that resonates within my own style and appreciation of design, every time I wear my DuFa watch I get compliments and there starts the conversation. Appreciation of the Bauhaus helps, but at the same time one can see the impressive details that has gone into these watches, showing that German horology has a strong history.


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