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I’m a big fan of breakfast, which according to many sources, is meant to be the most important meal of the day. It means you’ll start you’re day right and give you the right energy levels to tackle whatever’s on your schedule. Luckily, one can chose from a wide range of foods (which is why I love breakfast), and even though I can devour a Full English any time, it’s the healthier options that I know I should be going for.

When in Paris early this year, I met a few guys during fashion week who shared with me about their muesli brand called Dear Muesli that they had launched.

I respect anyone setting up their own business and following their dream. These friendly and enigmatic entrepreneurs were telling me how the three of them were getting into healthy eating and decided to go ahead and make their own and start producing small batches. It became a bit of a success within their friendship circle and word spread around Paris. As interest in their muesli grew, it was picked up by Parisian concept store Collette – their product now rubbing shoulders with internationally acclaimed designer brands.

They now have a few different options including Cool Kid, Forest, Detox and Booster. My personal favourite is Booster, with crunchy granola, pumpkin seeds, dates, apple, and cherries. You can get their packs online, either getting them individually or mixing them up with multi-pack buys. It was great bumping into the Dear Muesli boys as the conversation has definitely re-inspired me in broadening my breakfast options again. Go have a look yourself and bring a taste of healthy goodness to your breakfast table.

Dear Muesli –


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