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Those of you who have wear suits and shirts on a constant basis may be forgiven for struggling to find continual inspiration when it becomes a chore. Don’t despair! Even though it may feel like a boring uniform, there are plenty of ways to make you more comfortable and confident in your attire. One thing is to make sure you own a handful of good suits that you can rotate and will last you several seasons, then supplement them with an array of good quality shirts. It’s becoming more accessible to get hold of made-to-measure shirts that don’t cost an arm and a leg. One that caught my eye recently, which I’ve trialled, is Collar Club who offer a couple of good options made specially for you in high quality cotton in their Italian factory.

CollarClub_FactoryShot_01Collar Club give a fantastic opportunity to own a high quality shirt at a fraction of the price – due to selling directly online rather than having to wholesale to shops who would naturally put their margins on top. Working closely with a factory in Italy they do production runs every couple of weeks to work orders. Using 100% Egyptian Giza 86 cotton you’re able to choose the regular suspects like collar type (although it’s not too extensive selection), sleeve lengths and between two cuff variations (double or single cuff). I tried it and was thoroughly impressed with the quality of workmanship – exceptionally good for the price. You can actually try them out for yourself as Collar Club offer a free trial where they’ll send you a shirt for free to try for a few days. So why not give them a try here.

But this is where it gets exciting… You have Try, Buy as well as Subscribe. Collar Club have come up with the idea of offering a yearly subscription service where they’ll produce 11 made-to-order shirts for you. That way you’ll be guaranteed the perfect work shirt. A bonus for London based customers (for a little bit extra), is that they can get 5 shirts laundered every week! That’s an impressive hassle free service to allow you to get on with other things.



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