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Borinos1During the summer months I’m constantly on the look out for a lovely pair of well made sandals. It’s a challenge to find something that fits my interest and desired aesthetic. I do like and admire smart sandals – slippers even work very well. But this particular requirement was to find something a little robust while remaining smart and elegant. With the joys of social media bring us closer to people and brands, it’s every easier to stumble upon great wonders. Last year I came across a beautiful sandal made by Spanish brand Borinos. You could say that in the following months, a little social media flirting went on between us, where I liked nearly all their images, and they too duly liked some of mine.

I’m not ashamed to admit that, but what I am ashamed of is not being able to share about them on a larger platform – so this is my grand introduction.

The guys behind Borinos offer a simple and yet unique product – sandals that are made in the Balearas tradition. Their workshop is located in Palma de Mallorca, where they work with the finest materials and manufacturing techniques. I was speaking with Ginés who told me that it takes them approximately 4-5 hours to produce a pair. The sandals are handmade in leather or canvas and are produced on demand – which is great as there’s ability to make variations and custom models upon request. I love the possibility of customers engaging with brands like this. Get involved and get yourself a beautiful pair of sandals.

Borinos sandals – €69



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