Bentley Beyond – The Collection

New unisex fragrances evoking emotions and visions of spectacular landscapes

Bentley continue their strong line of fragrances by releasing a more premium offering in three unisex scents. After some requests from female clients Bentley have bowed down to demand and released a unisex range in their fragrance. The line up includes Exotic Musk, Wild Vetiver and Majestic Cashmere.

The bottle is mirrored on the front lights of the Continental GT and is actually designed by the designer who worked on the car. This cross-over of design input to product design for Bentley’s new fragrances is a rather nice touch. The cap features a leather grip and

reminds you you’re still dealing with a British motoring classic. The fragrances themselves evoke visions of driving in exciting locations

Bentley offers an unrivalled range of interior options, resulting in millions of possible colour and trim combinations. The new collection draw inspiration from this rich palette to give each scent its distinctive chromatic code, both in the handstitched leather cap that reprises the interior of a Bentley car, and the tint of the scent, showcased by the transparent glass of the bottle:

Blue and teal for Exotic Musk
Amber and plum for Majestic Cashmere
Green and mustard yellow for Wild Vetiver

Exotic Musk
Top Notes; Orris and Ambery Wood
Heart; Orcanox, Ambranone, Tonka Bean
Base; Musk, White Wood

Wild Vetiver
Top Notes; Bergamot, Pepper
Heart; Verbena, Vetiver
Base; Amberwood, Birch

Majestic Cashmere
Top Notes; Incense, Coriander, Ambrette Absolute
Heart; Orris Absolute, Cashmere Woods, Tonka Bean
Base; Vetiver Bourbon, Orcanox, Labdanum Resinoid, Musk, Patchouli

Bentley Beyond – The Collection: £160 each

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