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Beards have become extremely popular – it’s also grown to become a known fact that most men look better with a beard than without. The fact that workplaces have become more relaxed and men are now able to have thick stubbles to small beards says something. Other men go all out and grow full long beards. I love it. But growing a beard isn’t all that simple. Even in my years of growing I’ve been trough itchy patches and still now go through moments of love/hate with my beard. One thing to be aware of is that every beard is different and each man’s growth is different. Hair also grows in different ways and so needs to be groomed accordingly.

There are now a whole host of products on the market available to us, as brands realise the huge potential of beards and male grooming in general. When I started growing my beard there weren’t that many products, but now, spurred on by entrepreneurial spirit, you can find start-ups and individuals making exciting batches of beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, moustache wax and so forth. I want to share a bunch of them in one go – maybe I’ll go into a greater length about the brands, but here are some of the best products I have come across. Be sure to show them, and your beard, some love by getting their products.

I’ve chosen a mixture of beard oils, balms and washes that help in the maintenance of your beard. One thing I’ve noticed in myself is every so often getting very itchy patches. Sometimes an oil can do the trick to soften up to hairs, but in the case of getting in-grown hairs (it happens quite often), it’s good to use a specialist product that targets the area with particular ingredients to clean and free the hair follicle to reduce itchiness.

Brooklyn Grooming Beard Balm Sampler Set


Brooklyn-Grooming-Beard-Balm-SamplerA nice collection of Brooklyn Grooming’s various beard balms with different scents with a mineral-rich formula made with unrefined beeswax and nourishing shea butter, ideal for longer, thicker or coarser beards. Loaded with moisture-enhancing oils and grounding herbs, this non-comedogenic formula not only improves the look and feel of the facial hair but also reintroduces moisture to hair follicles that often suffer as a side-effect of daily face-washing.

Proraso Beard Oil
Wonderfully scented Italian beard oil that softens and soothes beard hair – great for longer or thick beards. The oil conditions the facial hair helping to prevent drying and give it a maintained and conditioned appearance.
Get Proraso Olio da Barba at Niven & Joshua

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

This wash is specifically formulated to soften and control beard hair. Conditioning extracts aloe leaf juice, and soy protein softens and hydrates the beard and skin, encouraging the hair to shine. Green tea extract helps to strengthen the facial hair, whilst honey extract nourishes and protects the beard. I use this wash in the shower and the conditioning qualities detangles and freshen the beard.
Billy Jealousy Beard Wash at Niven & Joshua

Hudson Made Beard Soap

Manly scent for a manly soap bar. Treat your beard to this multi-purpose soap to build a nice lather to clean and soften while leaving the beard’s natural oils. Made with organic coconut and palm oil, and soybean protein with shea butter, cedar leaf oil, cinnamon powder, allspice powder and clove powder.
Hudson Made Beard Soap at Beardbrand

Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir

My very first beard oil all those years ago and I keep going back to it. A concentrated beard oil with a combination of high quality natural oils blended together to make a finely scented elixir that keeps your beard conditioned and well maintained. The elixir also acts as an excellent astringent and moisturiser, which is perfect for cleansing beard hair.
Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir at Niven & Joshua

Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment

This specially formulated gel soothes irritated skin forced by ingrown hair. Especially in a beard it may be difficult to see, but the wearer of the beard will definitely feel it. Hair is incredibly strong and the tips can be sharp as they pierce through skin. This wonderful product which I swear by, helps to gently remove dead skin, fight bacteria and free ingrown hair. Willowherb and Lavender soothe and calm the skin while also moisturising skin.
Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment at Niven & Joshua

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