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Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 12.08.43I’m a sucker for good design. I appreciate it when things have been thought through, whether it be the concept, ingredients, branding and packaging. It shows that the designer / brand has spent time to think of their consumer and what they may appreciate. True, we all have different tastes and preferences, but certain boxes are ticked that meet our preferred requirements. What attracted me to Bamford Grooming Department is their story and interest in travel and how that played a core focus in formulating the products.

The Bamford Grooming Department was brought about by a mother and son partnership – Carole Bamford, a successful businesswoman with a love and knowledge of natural products with her very own clothing line and the Bamford range for women developed for spa treatments. As the male grooming market has expanded she has obviously seen the potential in the grander scheme of the natural cosmetics market, and brought her knowledge and combined it with her son George Bamford’s flare for  design. George specialises in the customising of watches with his Bamford Watch Department.

It’s seems almost a natural fit and with the introduction of Edition One, that you can sense the methodical approach at creating a grooming product with travel acting as and the starting point while also being touchstone for the Bamford family. They touched upon memories of their favourite places that inspired the ingredients as well as development of the scent the products have, while practicality when on the move was key to the performance and packaging. Straight away you can feel the tactile minimalist design of the deep black packaging that hints at the ‘performance’ aspect with its very masculine feel. It’s always challenging to bring out a high-end natural grooming product that retains a sophisticated dynamic about it – I think Bamford Grooming Department have executed it really well.

“Bamford Grooming Department is a true partnership combining our shared philosophy of good design and well made products. I felt there was a real need for a contemporary grooming collection, something I would be happy to use myself” – George BamfordBGD_TravelSet

The signature scent includes aspects of vetiver, agar wood and dark amber – a nice balance of grapefruit, black pepper, oak moss, agar wood, sandalwood, juniper and cassis. I’m a fan of the natural ingredients used throughout the range and it gives me more confidence knowing the high quality nature of them. They include the likes of ginger, charcoal, echinacea, barley protein. Below is a breakdown of each product;

Hand and Body Wash
An active blend of English willow, hop, echinacea and oat to cleanse, hydrate and balance skin. Refreshing and a good all round wash.

A daily conditioning shampoo with keratin and barley protein to cleanse and refresh hair – gives strength and weight to hair. I could feel the ingredients working at the hair, binding together and strengthening rather than just foaming.

Exfoliating Face Wash
A really nice face wash that cleanses deeply to refresh skin. Includes ginger, black rice and quartz that gently exfoliates with buts of charcoal that helps to remove impurities and balance skin. I’ve heard a lot the past few years that charcoal is great at cleansing skin as well as curing upset stomaches – it soaks up all the toxins.

Daily Moisturiser
This has British sourced oils of blackcurrant seed, echium and borage that help to restore the skin’s natural protection barrier. There’s also extract of the South African resurrection plant helps skin to adapt to changing conditions, making it suitable for all climates. I did however find that you only need a small amount – the first time I used it I slightly over did it. Although good to know that a little will go a long way.

Shave Oil
I don’t shave, so I can’t give an accurate evaluation, but the shave oil includes a blend of antioxidant and omega-rich blackcurrant, echium and borage oils that are supposed to provide an effortless shave. An added benefit is that the skin is left intensely hydrated.

You can get hold of Bamford Grooming Department at their online store, at Dover Street Market and Mr Porter

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